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  • Study subjects carrying the C/A genotype of the rs1048638 polymorphism had a significantly increased UCC risk of 2.217 (95% CI = 1.169–4.207, [pone-0082804-t002]). Compared to C/C genotype of the rs1048638, C/A+A/A genotype also demonstrated higher UCC risk of 2.303 (95% CI =  = 1.227–4.320). There were no significant increased UCC risk could be found in the polymorphisms of the other three loci rs2071676, rs3829078 and 376del393. Considering cancer stage, UCC patients with the polymorphism of rs1048638 C/A+AA genotype had significantly increased invasive cancer risk of 2.259 (95% CI = 1.136–4.490, [pone-0082804-t003]). The data also showed the trend of C/A+A/A genotype patients to have more lymph node or distant metastasis risk. However, no statistical significance could be demonstrated. Among the UCC patients with C/A+A/A genotype of the rs1048638, compared to C/C genotype, smoking increased the invasive cancer risk of 4.750 (95% CI = 1.204–18.746, [pone-0082804-t004]).


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