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  • The distributions of demographic characteristics showed no significant differences in age, gender and tobacco consumption between UCC patients and controls ([pone-0082804-t001]). The study population was Taiwanese with male predominant (62.9%) and a low proportion of smokers (25.3% in control and 28.5% in UCC group). In our recruited control group, the frequencies of CA9 rs2071676 (χ2 value: 1.16), rs3829078 (χ2 value: 0.31), rs1048638 (χ2 value: 0.09), and 376del393 (χ2 value: 1.75) were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, respectively. Distribution of CA9 genotypes in [pone-0082804-t002] revealed the most frequent alleles were heterozygous A/G for the +201 (rs2071676) locus and homozygous for A/A, C/C, and Ins/Ins, respectively, for the +1081 (rs3829078), +1584 (rs1048638), and +376 (376del393) loci. We estimated the adjusted odds ratio (AORs) with 95% confidence interval (CIs) by multiple logistic regression models with adjustment for age, gender and tobacco consumption to diminish the possible interferences.


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