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  • In the current study, we try to find the association between CA9 gene polymorphisms and clinicopathological characteristics of UCC. The results showed that patients carrying the C/A genotype of the rs1048638 (3’-UTR regions of the CA9 gene) polymorphism had a significantly increased UCC risk of 2.217 (95% CI = 1.169–4.207). Compared to C/C genotype of the rs1048638, C/A+A/A genotype demonstrated higher UCC risk of 2.303 (95%CI = 1.227–4.320). To consider the tumor invasiveness, patients with C/A+A/A genotype of the rs1048638 polymorphism demonstrated a significant higher invasive caner (pT2-T4) risk of 2.259 (95% CI = 1.136–4.490).


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